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Yay kindness! Yay love! Amy M. I could definitely use some encouragement. I think this is an amazing idea and hope to be able to get out of this hole and mail out to some as well! I would love to do both, but my social anxiety gets the better of me. However, if you feel the need to send my husband a card, he has her suffering from a lot of physical health issues lately and is feeling really down. I would appreciate it! I love this idea, I believe we all have bad moments when we are sucked into the darkness…it has been comforting to know I am not alone.

You make me laugh when I have not thought I could, thank you for that! Love love love this…. Count me in! I think I need a reminder that the world can be good. Hard to make sense of any of it and hard to stop the constant worrying. Love to you all. These are the kinds of things I keep near me for says that stink. I will also be sending something to someone else! What an amazing idea! I helped organize a penpal group among some fellow podcast listeners and then a small group of kids too. I love sending little notes to friends to remind them I am thinking of them! The one bright spot was getting to hug David Tennant.

Other than that, I would take a redo on life rather than redo the beginning of this year. Jenny, knowing you and Wil and others like you are out there being open and talking about the things that affect you has helped me so much. I only hope that I can begin to see a light in the future. I will also endeavour to send things as and when I get out of the house. Love this. Would love to send and receive.

Working too many hours and not focusing on self-care. Feeling like folks only contact me for help and disappear when I need help. I absolutely love this idea. I will be sending this out soon. Acacia daughter Paul Minnie Ave. Santa Cruz, CA I love you all! Fabulous and awesome. I have anonymously sent out a couple letters then thought…why not include me, too?

Lately, every time I open my mailbox, I curse a certain individual who took advantage of my generosity and owes me money, so it would be lovely to see something in there besides bills. Okay, I let him take advantage…I actually curse myself for being so lame. Mamma told me not to lend money to friends. Great idea!! I will send one too! Please send kid friendly mail if possible. I like to share the fun mail with my kid. I think this just might be one. Christina Snyder 62nd St. Des Moines, IA Having suffered a recent bout of terrible anxiety myself 4 months of daily and quite awful physical symptoms that made me feel like i was losing my mind , one of the things that has helped me work through it is knowing that I am not alone..

If I can give someone else a helping hand, I would love to do so. I would love some love. Post hurricane PTSD and depression sads all the time here. We all fight our battles. I love this group! I have a bunch of cards and stamps just waiting to bring smiles. If anyone would consider posting to New Zealand. I lost my job in December and still have not found a new one; I had surgery on my foot in December as well, and currently, I am recovering from a rollover car accident last week that should not have walked away from.

I could definitely use some encouragement and love right now. Shanna H. Jenny, I so love this idea. Thanks for making this world a better place. I have medical and anxiety issues and find it very difficult to speak to strangers in person. Been having some pretty brutal times and somehow still here. My cat Willow is the main person that keeps me going. Thank you for this. Had some really difficult health issues lately. Cheerful mail would be amazing. I am helping myself by helping you. Love to all. I will have to go pick up some postcards for this. Would love some in return.

Plus, friends have moved away. Gets lonely during the day when hubby is at work. Oh I need some inspiration right now and mail would be wonderful! I could use some love and cheer in my life and mailbox. Things are looking up a bit after starting a new job yesterday but being off work for over a month and a half has me struggling. This is such a great community and idea! I wish I had an address to send you cards n fun stuff like squished pennies. Snail mail from everywhere is appreciated. Jenny, your book is the reason I went for help for my anxiety disorder. I felt like I wasnt alone after I read your book.

Thank you. And thank you for this caring and compassionate community.

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Paige E. Who knew? Still suck at it though! Boise ID MS This is so great Jenny. It is hard to keep going some times. I will pick a few to send a note to! I finally found an amazing psychiatrist who I had been seeing for the past 6 months. I was told she would be out of the office for an undetermined amount of time, but today was given the official notice she would no longer be available. I am devastated. I would love some words of encouragement while I sort through this. I would like to give my email if that is okay. I am a bit nervous about giving my address … petponygirl yahoo.

I wish I had an address for you, Jenny so I could send cards and squished pennies. I love sending and receiving snail mail. I also love to gift others with handmade bookmarks, jewelry, and pillowcases. This is an awesome idea, Jenny. I will send some out, but could also use one maybe. My best little ginger cat, Damien, had to be put down today due to a brain tumor.

His was such a special little cat. I loved him so much. I love this idea! I just organized my stationary and would love to send little notes to someone and get some too! Great idea. Would love to hear from anyone in a similar situation. Pass them along if they are not to your taste, believe me some are unusual. Love, Di. Been struggling through depression and a heavy dose of anxiety lately. This is such a great idea. I love this tribe! I wish I had the time to send every single one of you something sparkly! I will send out as many as I can. This is soooo much better than sending a chain letter!!!

Everyone loves to receive a card in the mail that is not a bill, junk, or jury duty summons. Feel free to return the love. I will definitely be sending some out! This would be awesome, I feel silly asking for kind words — but could really use some uplifting these past weeks….

Thank you so much, Jenny, for making the world a better and more loving place. I just received some happy mail a couple days ago and sent out a happy package for someone who desperately needs it. Both getting and sending are so wonderful! I recently got a wedding invitation in the mail and it felt like Christmas. It felt so nice that they made me feel included anyway. Getting mail other than bills is always a treat. Bastianelli Ambrosoni Victoria. Buenos Aires CP Argentina.

Love the love mail. Jenny, You are so awesome. Everyone could use some cheer every now and then! I will be sending several and if someone could throw a little love my way I could really use it. Such a sweet idea. We ALL could use reminders that we are needed, loved, etc. Life is challenging and dealing with pain of all sorts is a sad constant for so many.

Jenny, you give me hope and you inspire me. I broke up with my therapist, then got back with my therapist, and other junk. Sometimes I get up at 6am, get him to school and then come home and go back to bed. Mary Neal Hillbrook Dr. Spartanburg SC I would conversely love to send some out to others. Seven people total. Happy Snail Mail? Count me in too! Lesli Green W Chicago Ave. Thank you Jenny for this and everything you do! I have been struggling lately and I love that you are doing this. Thank you for all the laughs you have given me!

I had no idea we had so many Canadians! Some of you are even in the next town over from me! This comes at the right time.

Historical and Cultural Perspectives

My husband has a chronic debilitating illness. Another friend is moving across the continent. I have no relatives here and have been feeling very alone lately, but seeing all these people who want to connect makes me feel better. I hope to receive and will definitely be sending. I could really use a note. This is an amazing idea. I will be sending out several; if anyone gets the chance to send me one I would greatly appreciate it!

Things have been super stressful lately and I have PPD and 3 kiddos by myself. I am in the middle of selling a house and moving across the country. I could use some love if anyone has time. My papaw loves gardening and being a pastor, though macular degeneration is really limiting his independence. You can reach them at:. Thank you to anyone who reaches out to my beautiful grandparents! Getting out some envelopes and stamps and scrolling through for some addresses. Happy to help spread a little encouragement. I feel so broken and alone right now.

This community is, as always, awesome. Carly K. I would love to send and receive… but not sure if others are willing to mail internationally. If you or someone else wants to send to me in Canada, I am happy to send something out as well. Can I request for her? Rose Altamirano Rye st. Las Vegas NV Me too please! Love this idea!!! Lisbeth Post office box Lakewood, WA Here in Christchurch, New Zealand, feeling rather low and could do with some reminding about the good people in the world. I could really use a nice card or note.

This would absolutely make my heart heart to both send and receive! I love mail. Get severe anxiety from mail since before I can remember. Probably good to start new associations if anyone has a stamp for Canada. I would love some mail, too, if someone still has a spare stamp or two. I will send out some postcards I colored and would be thrilled to receive some mail as well. Going thru a rough patch and a random piece of friendly mail would definitely brighten my day. I have been dealing with depression all my adult life and have developed severe social anxiety. Menopause has gifted me with weather-sensitive migraines and I am having surgery to remove my gallbladder in 9 days.

What fun! I would love to send and receive! This is great! Have had depression since 5th grade. Could use some loving. I could definitely use some nice thoughts and love right now! Going through an MS flare up while still having to work 2 jobs, and do school work is just exhausting both mentally and physically!

I just came through a long weekend of suicidal ideation and now some light is filtering through … to stumble on this post and consider the audacity that I might be able to give someone a little bit of light out of that darkness is making me tear up, Jenny. Guard that heart of yours. The Earth needs it.

I would love to send and to receive. Las Vegas, NV Tiffany F. I think this sounds brilliant. And am excited to send some!! I love getting mail! I love postcards. I put them around my desk at work. I will be sending some for sure. Love this so much. Will start sending out postcards tomorrow! Amelia earnestlyyours.

It is a wondrous and powerful thing; that at the moment you badly need concern and kindness, it comes from places you never, ever expected. I do love to send cards with un-used stickers in them. Adults love them as much as kids. Some times the cards I send are designed with stickers because they are blank inside because I have a BuJo and Junk Journal combined. Amelia recently posted Relaiming time: Week 3. I was a teacher for years and loved helping people. I feel like whatever I had to give is gone. But man am I lonely. Will send some cards. Would love to receive one.

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No way! What a small world. I am SO grateful that today is a good day!! Anywho, will my email address do? This is a beautiful idea; the kindness of strangers bouys me every time. I hope my cards reach someone needing a lift! I could use some good wishes. First, though, I need to thank Jenny for brightening my birthday back in January. She truly cares about her people. Thank you Jenny for being here.

I had a severe allergic reaction to pesticide spraying in my apartment. I had to live in a motel until it could be cleaned. Six days later I returned to find that the cleaning had not been done, except for a very soggy carpet. Two days later, I pulled up part of the still damp carpet when I saw red stains had developed. The subflooring is rotted and there is mold under the carpet. They found mold under the kitchen cabinets too. Agoraphobia destroys friendships. All of that is disturbing and disheartening, but worst of all, my beloved little dog had a stroke Monday night.

He wobbles like a drunken sailor and his head bobbles up and down. And so am I. I love this idea!! Jenny, where can I send you something? Fair warning: I am inordinately fond of glitter! Its been a rough 6 months.

The Australian Catholic Directory • List of Deceased Clergy

The bloggess has been a great inspiration for looking forward at the possibility the future holds. I just picked 10 names and will be sending out letters to each of those people by the end of next week. I believe loving people is the most important thing we can do. I have a terminal illness, and one of the ways I keep my spirits up is to make cards. So I will be sending to as many of you that I can. This is such a great wonderfully old-fashioned idea.

I love it!

547 Shannon Dr NW Albany Oregon

I will send some out this weekend. This is a great idea. Everyone who struggles can use a letter of encouragement or a new friend that understands. I have an entire box of stationery and note cards that only get used occasionally. And I love the art of actual writing something by hand. With how deep the dark has been lately, this is one of the few lights I see on the regular.

Love this and would love to send and receive. M Ryan n camp ct Hayden, Id Oh Jenny what a beautiful soul you are! I definitely want to participate in this amazing worldwide group hug! I knew we were kindred spirits and that I adored you as soon as I began your first book. I really do need some love right now. My dear, wonderful, sweetest-ever cat passed away on Monday and my husband and I are devastated.

I would love to do some random cheerful mail or email for people who are struggling or just needing a little reminder that they are loved and that they matter. I completely get the scared to post on the internet thing so if you are one of those people. Email me stumpus aol. Just so alone and need a hug. Thank you for this, Jenny!! Much love to you. Caregivers go through so much. HUGS Love arriving soon via pony express! This list of people who would like a note just floors me. So many. I have had a sucky few months and it would make me feel better to reach out. Heads up peeps, some of you are going to get a note from me!

This is gonna be fun! I probably need to dust of my Furiously Happy to get my mind off things. A note would really make my day. This is amazing. Sometimes encouraging words can come exactly when we need them!!

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I could definitely use some love. Katherine Repage McNeil Dr. Apt Austin, TX My address is: Rena N. Alameda Ave Azusa CA This is a fabulous idea. I could use a pick me up I have been having a hard time lately. V1X 2P5. Oh yay! I can send a genuine small crystal rock from arkansas to someone who wants one. My address is Kim H. Pearcy, AR Kim.

What a timely post! I used to write my grandmothers weekly, and since they passed away, I am over stocked on greeting cards and address labels. Thanks to everyone who shared their address, and I look forward to making some new friends. Just returned from the store with some new stationery. She is 8, my adopted daughter who struggles with a lot of trauma and mental illness. Any postcards or notes would mean so much to her…she was just saying this morning how she sends notes and never receives any. Fighting an undiagnosed illness and going for doctors and tests is such a pain. Love in my mail box instead of just junk and bills would be sweet.

Love this tribe!! Making a note to send some out this weekend! This is why we love you so much, Jenny! Susan Smith 16 Edgewood Ave. Waterford, CT Rena, I sent the first four books of the Boxcar children series and the Magic Tree House series to you. Hopefully that helps your local library, and thank you so much for all that you contribute. You are my hero and role model Jenny. I am still up and down every minute of every day living with my bipolar. Much love to you and everyone here. Jenn B. Just sent four postcards. They thought of so much love and encouragement crossing the globe like letters from Hogwarts makes me so happy!

This is such a brilliant idea! Touched by the love and support this could bring to all of us! This is gorgeous and wonderful and just what I love to do. Leonard St Portland OR This is amazing and made me smile for the first time today. I am struggling with my horcrux- the secret shame I cannot name. Depression is not a strong enough word for how I have been feeling.

I feel dead, but I am still walking and talking and going to work. I could really use some kind of love and support through this darkness. PO Box Noorvik Alaska Positive human connection is something I really need right now. To come across this on a day where I had my first therapy appointment in 3 years is a sign that this is a fantastic idea! I shall be returning the favor with snark and sass. Such a lovely idea. Four years of being a caregiver for multiple family members has taken a toll on me. Brenda I. Milton Ave. Shelley, ID If there is anyone out there still looking for people to send to — my friend Sara has been having a tough time with her two youngest children who are adopted and have attachment disorder.

They spend all their time trying to prove they are unlovable, which means they can be horrid in order to prove they are not worthy of love. I think she could really use some support. The Royal Commission has Community Engagement Officers in Alice Springs dedicated to providing an avenue through which the views of individuals and communities can be brought forward to the Commission. The integrated duty lawyer and family violence support services will be established by legal aid commissions at 14 family law court registries across Australia, various regional circuit locations and two local courts in the Northern Territory.

Twelve specialist domestic violence units have been established across all States and Territories which includes six regional and remote areas. Five health justice partnerships, including one as part of a domestic violence unit in Alice Springs, are being supported to deliver legal training and support for health professionals and to provide on—site legal advice at partner hospitals or health centres. These services provide alternatives to formal legal processes and assist families which are separated, separating or in dispute to resolve disputes in a way that is in the best interests of children.

The services are located throughout Australia, including regional areas. Information and resources are also available online, in a way that is accessible to regional Australia, through Family Relationships Online. Under the National Partnership Agreement, people residing in rural or remote areas are priority clients, to be considered as part of planning and targeting of legal assistance services. In —16, 5, 14 per cent of legal aid grants for Commonwealth matters were received by persons who reside in rural and remote areas.

The Community Legal Services Program is a nationally focussed discretionary grants program, supporting the provision of legal assistance to the community by funding national service delivery projects, innovative pilot programs and program support activities. The NCYLC provides a national service through a dedicated website lawstuff and email advice service lawmail. This provides significant geographic reach to assist children and young adults in metropolitan, regional and remote areas across Australia.

In June , two grants were approved under the Community Legal Services Program Innovation Fund to implement innovative projects in —17 aimed at enhancing the efficiency of legal assistance services in regional and remote areas:. There are eight ATSILS nationally which deliver services from 65 permanent locations in regional and remote areas, as well as court circuits, bush courts and outreach locations. The table below sets out funding from —17 to — The Native Title Respondent Funding Scheme provides assistance for individuals or groups, including pastoralists, graziers and fishers, to have equitable access to legal representation in the resolution of native title proceedings where their interest are likely to be affected.

Community forums, led by Commissioners, have been conducted in 13 regional locations. Royal Commission staff have also met with local services in 27 regional and remote areas. The Commonwealth Courts Portal also allows parties to file documents electronically, pay fees online and view outcomes, orders and future court dates in certain matters.

The introduction of eFiling for divorce applications has improved access for litigants in regional Australia who cannot attend a registry to lodge documents or are required to rely on Australia Post. Litigants can now lodge applications outside traditional registry hours via the online services without the need to travel to a registry. The Federal Circuit Court has not mandated the requirement to eFile noting the technological difficulties facing some litigants. Another enterprise which he started here and which since has assumed large proportions and to grow still larger and more important -s the raising of ostriches.

He brought to the valley the first pair and purchased them, like the orange trees in southern California. At the time Grand avenue was built, he platted and named the present town of Alhambra. In he erected the El Dorado hotel on north Second avenue. He was formerly a member of the Knights of Pythias and while here was an active member of the Methodist Episcopal church, being a trustee and a member of the building committee.

Contributed by Shauna Williams. The family chose not to list the cause of death. Harbick was born April 7, , in Eugene to James L. He grew up in McKenzie Bridge and returned there two years ago. Army in Germany. He enjoyed volunteer work. Thursday's service will be at 2 p. Buell Chapel is in charge of arrangements. Hardcastle, John. A memorial service will be held at 2 p. Hardcastle of Eugene. He died Nov. He was born Aug. He married Geneva Surcamp on Nov.

He was educated through the eighth grade. Survivors include his wife; three daughters, Linda Bowen of Renton, Wash. A grandson, Michael Mayer and a granddaughter, Dawn M. Bowman, died previously. Inurnment will be private. Harden, Anna. Anna A. Harden, wife of D. Harden, formerly of Eugene. She was 32 years of age, and leaves besides her husband, a little daughter and baby son; her father, C.

Porter, of Wabash, Indiana, and a sister, Mrs. Lizzie E. Eazs, of Spicer, Indiana. At his farm near Marcola December 31, , W. Hielman, aged 23 years. Death resulted from diphtheria. He leaves a wife and two children.

Deceased Clergy in Australia, 1788-12222

The funeral of Mrs. Harden was held at Pleasant Hill this forenoon and the remains interred in the cemetery at that place. Obituary At eleven a. Thursday, Jan. Harden were held at the Pleasant Hill Christian church, and the body laid to rest in the Pleasant Hill cemetery. Besides the faithful husband and two little children, she leaves a fathers and a sister, both in Indiana; and also many friends. Harden was graduated from the Eugene Bible University in May, While pursuing her course she was noted as a most brilliant student, as well as a Christian in every line of church work.

Hardie Dead Died — At her home in Pruneville, at 11 a. Hardie, wife of W. Pleursey was the cause of death. Besides the husband she leaves two sons, Waldo Hardie and Frank Hardie, and other relatives in the east. Funeral services for the late Mrs. Hardie, who died at her home in Pruneville last Thursday, will be held Tuesday at a.

Caroline A. Wharton Hardie was born in Delaware county, Indiana, Oct. When two years old her parents moved to Iowa. In the family moved to Hand County, South Dakota. Here she met and was united in marriage to Wm. Hardie, Feb. To them three sons were born Waldo, Homer and Frank. On July 21, , at the age of 16, Homer left the home on earth for that above. Beside her husband and two children she leaves one brother, A. Wharton, of Miller, South Dakota, to mourn their loss. Hardie was converted and joined the M. He was At age 16, Hardin traveled by freight train to Southern Oregon to hunt, fish, trap and pan for gold on the Sixes River.

He married Agness Alexander in Terrebonne on Oct. Hardin and his family moved to Monroe in He worked as a carpenter and was a member of the carpenters' union for 50 years. Hardin was a honey beekeeper and planted a wide variety of trees in the Monroe community. He served on the Monroe City Council for 18 years. After his retirement Hardin spent several years living on the coast, where he enjoyed salmon fishing. In later years, he enjoyed giving candy to the children he met on his daily walks.

He will be remembered as a local storyteller. Survivors include his wife; two daughters, Sharon Ballard of Bellfountain and Nila Malcom of Portland; a son, Joseph of Monroe; a brother, William of Portland; eight grandchildren; and 12 great-grandchildren. Visitation will be from 3 p. Wednesday's service will be at 1 p. Burial will follow at Bellfountain Cemetery.

Memorial contributions may be made to Bellfountain Cornerstone Christian School or to the Monroe Fire Department in care of the funeral home. Hardin, Marion. Hardin was born May 18, , in Aberdeen, S. She married Gary Hardin on Sept. She lived in Turton, S. She moved to Eugene in She attended beauty school and worked as a receptionist at A-Art College of Beauty. She enjoyed knitting, photography and spending time with her grandchildren.

The Feb. Harding, Benjamin. Harding, aged 67 years. Wallace officiating. A large number of friends and acquaintances was present among them being many silvered heads, who represented the pioneer settlers of this section. He was laid to rest in the Masonic cemetery west of this city. Deceased was well known throughout Oregon, having figured conspicuously to his credit and the honor of Oregon in framing the laws and the early legislative work of the state. He was born in Pennsylvania in He came to Oregon in , and settled in Marion county, where he was active and conspicuous in public affairs and influential in the councils of the democratic party during his entire residence there, for a quarter of a century or more.

He is a lawyer by profession, but devoted most of his time to politics and farming, and in his time was regarded as one of the shrewdest politicians in Oregon. He was United States attorney before the organization of the state government, was three time a member of the territorial legislature. In the legislative assembly elected him to fill the unexpired term of Edward D.

Baker, in the United States senate. Senator Harding served out the term and was succeeded, March 4, , by George H. At the beginning of the war of the rebellion James W. Nesmith, Asabel Bush and Benjamin F. Harding were the ruling spirits of the union or Douglas democracy of Oregon, while General Joseph Lane, Delazon Smith and one of two others were the leaders of the Breckinson or pro-slavery democrats who sympathized with the secessionists of the South.

They were bitterly hostile to each other. Soon after the close of his term in the senate, Mr. Harding retired to a farm in Marion county, and a few years later moved to farm near Cottage Grove. Harding, Richard. Harding of Carpinteria, California, passed away Saturday, January 18, He was born January 14, in Ritzville, Washington. He was a member of the Christian Church. He married Bernice Head in at Portland, Oregon. She survives him, also two daughters, Mrs.

Jeanne Harrington of Sacramento, California, and Mrs. Carolyn Klebaum of Austin, Texas; five grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. Funeral services will be held on Wednesday, January 22, at p. Carroll C. Roberts officiating with interment in Rest Haven Memorial Park. If desired contributions may be made to the Cancer Fund. Contributed by Cindy Watson. Junction City News Jan.

Hardison has cast a gloom over our little village. He was cut down suddenly, and thus a good man has passed away, and his place cannot be easily filled. He was buried to-day with Masonic ceremonies at Tangent. He was a member of the Good Templars, who escorted his remains to the depot. Hardisty, Ermold. Junction City - The funeral will be held May 22 for E.

He was born Dec. He lived in Junction City for 65 years. She died July 25, Hardesty worked as a logger and a farmer, and was employed at Valley Plywood. His interests included fishing, hunting, and crabbing. He was a year member of the Eugene Eagles. Survivors include several nieces and nephews. Monday's service will be held at 11 a. Harer, Wyman. Graveside services were held at Westlawn Cemetery Monday, March 13, at p.

George was born August 20, , to George L. He grew up and received his education in Long Creek. Following graduation George worked as a welder in Portland until entering the U. Navy, where he served in the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign a a metalsmith. As a family project they decided to build their own home which this past year was finally completed. He enjoyed family life and to be able to hunt and fish. He was preceded in death by his parents, two brothers, a sister and his infant son, Wyman Lee Harer, in Friends are invited to attend a guest luncheon at the Harer home at noon prior to the service.

Memorials to the Cancer Fund are preferred. He was born February 28, in Shawnee, Oklahoma and had been a resident of this community for the past 24 years. He was a Locomotive Engineer for the S. Company and a member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. Funeral services will be held Monday, February 8, at p. Walter Watson officiating. Entombment in Rest Haven Mausoleum. Maurice Harkin, living near Junction City, was hauling a load of lumber to his dwelling his team became frightened and ran away.

Hawkin was thrown from the wagon and received injuries from which he died last Tuesday. The remains were brought to this city and the funeral took place Wednesday afternoon from the Catholic church. The deceased was a man highly thought of by all who knew him and his sudden death will cast a gloom over the large circle of friends and acquaintances.

Harkins, Daughter. Drowned — A daughter, about two years of age, of Daniel Harkins, Jr. In company with other girls she was on her way home from school and fell off the bank into the stream. Several men who were a few hundred yards away were called, but unfortunately none of them could swim. One, however, went in and attempted to rescue the drowning girl, and was himself saved with great difficulty. The body of the girl was recovered after having been in the water about half an hour. A Sudden Death Mrs. Charles Harkness, of Walla Walla, who with her husband, had been visiting Mr.

Harkness' mother, Mrs. Maxwell, at Springfield, died suddenly Saturday evening about 8 o'clock from heart trouble. Harkness' children had been ill from scarlet fever, and Mrs. Harkness contracted a cold while taking care of them, bringing on pneumonia. She was recovering nicely, however, when Saturday evening she was attacked by heart trouble and soon expired. Harkness was aged 26 years. The remains were taken charge of by Undertaker Gordon and shipped from Eugene yesterday afternoon to Walla Walla for burial.

Harlow, Clifton. Clifton Frank Harlow, son of Mr. Harlow, died at the Emmanuel hospital in Portland on Wednesday evening. Harlow was born and spent most of his life in the Willakenzie community near Eugene. He was in business in Portland at the time of his death. In he was married to Miss Florence Rydeman of Portland. She, with his daughter, Shirley Jean, his parents, and numerous friends and relatives survive him Funeral services are to be held at the Veatch chapel on Saturday at 2 o'clock.

Davis officiating. Interment will be in the Gillespie cemetery. Harlow, Frank. Harlow, County Farm Rd. He was born Oct. Harlow was an active member of the First Baptist Church, and donated a large farm and recreation area on his property to the church. It bears his name, Harlow Lodge. Gertrude Stevens, whom he married Oct. Harlow of Portland; several nieces and one nephew.

A son Clifton died in Harlow was a member of the First Baptist Church here for 62 years and was a life-Deacon; a charter member of the Willakenzie Grange of which he was a Past master; and also a member of the Pomona Grange of which he was a Pastmaster and a deputy for more than 20 years. His activities includes having been president of the Northwest Nut Growers Assn. Henry Helser Co. Frank B. Harlow was the son of Anderson J. Harlow, who crossed the plains in In the senior Harlow bought the Willakenzie district farm where Frank Harlow was born and lived all his life.

He attended the University of Oregon. Funeral services will be Friday, Aug. Vance H. Webster officiating with interment in Gillespie Cemetery. He was born October 19, on a farm near Eugene, where he had lived all his life. He married L. Gertrude Stevens October 4, in Eugene. Harlow was a member of the First Baptist Church for 62 years of which he was a life-Deacon; a charter member of the Willakenzie Grange of which he was the past master, and also a Deputy for over 20 years; he was President of the Northwest Nut Growers Association for 2 years of which he was still a member of the board; he was one of the first members of the board for the Eugene Fruit Growers Association and president since ; member of the board the 1st Federal Savings and Loan Bank; president of the 1st Eugene Oil Co-op; member of the board of directors of the Henry J.

Helser Inc. Harlow of Portland; several nieces and 1 nephew. Preceded in death by a son, Clifton in Funeral services will be held Friday, August 31, at 2 p. England Funeral Home in charge. Harlow, Gertrude. Gertrude Harlow, 83, of County Farm Rd. Harlow was born March 13, , in Minneapolis, Minn. She was married to Frank B. Harlow Oct. Harlow, who died Aug. Harlow, who crossed the plains in , and bought a farm in the Willakenzie area in She was also active in Red Cross work.

She is survived by a granddaughter, Shirley Jean Harlow, a daughter-in-law, Mrs. Florence B. Harlow, both of Portland, and a number of nieces and nephews. Services are scheduled for Friday at p. The Rev. Vance Webster of the First Baptist Church will conduct the service. Interment will be in the Gillespie Cemetery.

Harlow, Johanna. Johanna Harlow, aged about 87 years, died of old age at the home of her brother, M. Deceased was an invalid for years. She was a native of Kentucky, and came to this state from Missouri in She had never been married, and had made her home with her brother since coming to Oregon.

Her infant son, Ralph Joseph preceded her in death on Feb. Berniece Harmon was born at Weir, Kansas April 21, She married Francis T. Harmon at Eureka, Kansas, Oct. Had been a resident of Blue River for the last year. Besides her husband she is survived by a son, Francis B. The remains will be sent to Weir, Kansas, via United Air Lines where funeral services will take place.

Poole-Larsen in charge. Harms was born June 26, , in Crab Orchard, Neb. He served in the Army. Harms moved to the area in and worked as a heavy-equipment operator on the Blue River and Cougar dams. He worked on the Alaska pipeline until his retirement in He was an avid reader and enjoyed playing pool and golfing. Harms especially enjoyed spending time with his family. Survivors include his wife; a daughter, Sheila Payne of Springfield; a son, Rick of Bellingham; and three grandchildren.

Buell Chapel in Springfield is in charge of arrangements. Memorial contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society. Harnly was born Aug. She graduated from college with a degree in psychology. She married Richard Harnly in Ironton on Dec. He died June 21, Harnly worked as a correspondence secretary. She moved to Eugene a year ago. Her interests included jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles and fishing.

She also enjoyed family activities and spending time with her cat, Whisker. Her family remembers her as an incredible mother. Survivors include a son, Mark of Bayfield, Colo. Harper, 79, of Creswell, died Dec. The graveside service will be Thursday at 1 p. England's Creswell Memorial Chapel in charge of arrangements.

Harper, Helen. Harper of Creswell, who died Dec. She married Roy Graham in Chico, Calif. He died in January Harper moved to Creswell from Chico in She enjoyed crossword puzzles, genealogy, her pets and spending time with her family. Thursday's service will be at 1 p. England's Creswell Memorial Chapel is in charge of arrangements.

Harper, Robert. He was born April 28, in Michigan. He married Helen Graham September 5, at Mr. Vernon, Washington, she survives. Brother of Evelyn Draper and 2 step-sisters, all living in Michigan; several nieces and nephews. Services will be held Thursday, January 28th at Pastor Norman Few officiating with interment Creswell Cemetery.

Harper, Venetta. She was born November 30, , at Atlanta, Michigan. Funeral services will be held Saturday, July 11, at a. Reverend Norman Few officiating with interment in the Creswell Cemetery. Harper, Vernon. Harper of Territorial Road, Veneta, passed away October 10, at the age of He was born March 9, in Paisley, Oregon. He married his wife, Reva, in Eugene in He was a long time resident of this area having worked in the lumber industry until his retirement.

Private family committal services will follow at Lane Memorial Gardens. For those who wish contributions may be made to the Diabetic Foundation in care of Poole-Larsen Chapel. The former Eugene resident was She was born May 2, , in London, England. She and her husband, Everett Harpman, were married 52 years. He died in She moved from London to Portland with her family when she was five years old. She attended the UofO, working her way through school at the UO library.

She received her bachelor's degree in English literature in She moved to Santa Barbara in The author of "Doorways into History," a book on the historic houses of Lane Co. She also wrote numerous newspaper and magazine articles on a varity of topics. Burial was at Roseburg Memorial Gardens in Roseburg. Harpole, Cynthia. Cynthia A. Harpole relict of the late James W. Harpole, after a lingering disability of more then two months caused by the breaking or fracturing of her hips, died at the old home Sunday, January 3, , at the advanced age of 87 years and 19 days. Zumwalt was born in St. Charles county Missouri, December 14, She joined the M.

Church at the age of 11 years and lived a consistent Christian life, and having constantly taken the Pacific Christian Advocate since early pioneer days. In she married at the age of 24, William Lingo and of this union three children were born. Wesley, Marion and a little girl who died in infancy. In she moved to Illinois with here little family and in was married to James W.

Harpole, who having crossed the plains in lost his wife and in went back to Missouri, bracing again the hardships and danger of the plains on purpose to marry Mrs. Contributed by Karen Windheim. A memorial service will be held Nov. The former Junction City resident was Harpole was born Oct. She married Alonzo Harpole in He died May 26, She lived in Monroe as a child and moved to Junction City in She moved to Tucson in Hapole enjoyed time with family, games and cooking.

A son, William Goodin, died previously. Saturday's service will be at 10 a. Private inurnment will be at Alpine Cemetery. Evergreen Funeral Home in Tucson is in charge of arrangements. Memorial contributions may be made to the Junction City Fire Department. Harpole, Ida. She was born Dec. She married Andrew Harpole on Nov. He died June 6, She came to OR. She dedicated herself to raising her family. She also enjoyed gardening and making dolls and quilts for people.

Visitation will be held Monday from 1 p. Tuesday's service will be at 2 p. Harpole, William. He was born in Monroe, Oregon, Oct. He is a retired employee of Booth Kelly Lbr. He had been a resident of Lane County his entire life. He is survived by his wife, Anna, Springfield; 2 sisters: Mrs. Ethel Sprague, Junction city, Rt. Funeral services will be held at Bartholomew-Buell Chapel, Fri.